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Toll Free: 833-508-6840

​​​​​​​Local: (778) 847-6840

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Sometimes you need more than just a band-aid.

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Electronic Magnifiers

Chaos Technical Services can service or provide all manner of accessories or replacement parts for CCTVs (Electronic Digital Magnifiers) from all manufacturers including Enhanced Vision, Humanware, LVI, and HIMS.

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Communication Aids

Communication Aids from companies such as PRC or Saltillo can also be serviced, configured, or upgraded.

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Electronic Braille Devices

We can also provide servicing on multiple different electronic braille devices such as notetakers, braille displays and braille teaching devices.

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Braille Printers

Braille printers are the workhorses of braille production and output, and we are able to provide quick turnaround on a wide variety of manufactuers of embossers. 

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Digital Book Players

Digital DAISY book players such as the Plextalk and Humanware devices are also able to be serviced, and we can even provide new accessories such as power supplies, batteries, and replacement parts.

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Adapted Computer Systems

Quite often, Assistive Technology software needs very specific computer specifications and configurations in order to work properly. Chaos Technical can provide both servicing, maintainance and configurations of such systems.

Who is Chaos Technical Services?

Based in North Vancouver, BC, Chaos Technical Services strives to be the most versatile and efficient Service Center for Assistive Technology in Canada.  

Owner and Operator Rick Chant has over 25 years in the industry and has repaired scores of different types of assistive technology from hundreds of different manufacturers -- including Saltillo, Prentke Romich, Enhanced Vision, HumanWare, Enabling Technologies, and Perkins. 

Chaos Technical Services stands by its work and guarantees quick turnaround times on repairs of assistive technology.

Done fast and done right. 


Use the form below to contact us regarding your service issue. Please be as detailed as possible. Include your device details so that we can best serve you. 

You may also email chaostech@shaw.ca or call toll free 833-508-6840 for support.

Request for Service

Please include a detailed description of the device and the problem.

Full service professional repairs for
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Canadian Assistive Technology is one of Canada's most versatile and knowledgeable retailers of accessible hardware and software. 

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